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Hong Kong - HKSI LE
Paper 7

Financial Markets


A one and a half-hour exam consisting of 60 multiple choice questions.  To pass, you must answer 42 questions (70%) correctly. Recently, the average pass rate was 64%.

Talking Test BankTM consists of over 320 practice questions across all 7 Topics, consistent with materials in version 3.1 of the LE Study Manual. Each question gives feedback, a relevant extract from the ExecutiveKnowledge Study Notes and an audio explanation of the answers - yes, you can listen to the lecturer online.

Practice all 7 topics to learn the material then attempt practice exams in units of 20, 40 and 60 questions to get exam ready.

Short Sharp ShockTM gives full access to the Talking Test Bank for 5 or 10 days.

Try the free sample questions below, one for each topic, and have a listen to the Introductory Lecture.

Syllabus covers seven topics:

  1. The global financial system
  2. Financial system in Hong Kong
  3. The equity market
  4. The debt market
  5. The foreign exchange and derivatives markets
  6. Financial risk management
  7. Applications in the financial sector


Short Sharp Shock

Talking Test Bank

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